Scrum in 60 minutes! Master Agile Scrum within little more than one hour after completing the course.

Save Time & Money

Video course will save you a lot of time and money without sacrificing quality. On average Scrum, education starts from $850 and much more.


Just top niche information need to master Scrum. We’ll investigate what is Agile approach and how it correlates to the Scrum.

Preparation for certification

Materials in this course will benefit to your preparation for Scrum Master certification. That’s exactly what you needed to feel comfortable on the certification test.

Why Scrum? All ingenious is simple!

Scrum is simple but effective approach that continue to gain popularity especially in the software development industry. More and more companies and organizations, including government and non-profit, are getting aware of the value of an Agile approach and are switching to it.

If you want to become an Agile specialist or prepare for the Scrum certification in order to start your career as a Scrum Master – this video course is for you!

What would I learn from this Scrum course?

  • You will learn the Agile approach and how it correlates with the Scrum framework
  • You will learn Scrum framework with its core values and principles
  • You will learn the prescribed Scrum roles
  • You will learn the prescribed Scrum events
  • You will learn the prescribed Scrum artifacts
  • Assess your knowledge with 80 questions to make sure you are all set with all the materials provided!

For whom is this course intended?

This course will be useful for professionals working in the Agile environment, including project managers, managers, team leaders, and everyone who wants to validate their knowledge in this area or prepare for the Scrum certification by mastering Scrum Agile approach.

Author A few words about myself ...

Alex Manager, Software Development


My name is Alex. Over the last 8 years I’ve been working in Agile environment on different roles including Scrum Master, Project Manager and Software Development Manager.

First time I met Scrum and generally an Agile approach at 2013 year. Since then, I have been working closely in Agile environment, including Scrum, and have experience in introducing Agile approach into an organization from scratch.

In my Scrum video course, in short but precise manner I explained what Scrum. After passing the course you will have a solid understanding of the Scrum framework and will get all the necessary knowledge for certification for the Scrum Master role.

Any questions? Just email me.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Scrum and Agile?

This question is discussed in the scope of the course. Without having to go ahead, I can only say that at the end of the course you will be able to answer this question by yourself!

What is the length of the course?

My goal was to have all the materials presented within 60 minutes, but later in order to address the different questions and improving the overall quality of the material course got increased. The overall course takes around  ~1.40/hrs, however, a discussion of Scrum is slightly longer than 60 minutes. If you feel yourself savvy with the Project Management workflows and approaches, you can skip the first chapter and start learning scrum instantly to save some time.

The actual length of Scrum related is slightly more than 60 minutes.

How to become / get certified Scrum Master?

Today there are two main organizations that propagate Agile Scrum. First is Scrum.org and the second is ScrumAlliance.com. Scrum certification of these two institutions is the most demand among employers worldwide. My training is not accredited by the mentioned organization, however, it contains all the necessary information in order to master Scrum and prepare for the certification with Scrum.org as a Professional Scrum Master.

For whom is intended this Agile Scrum course?

This Scrum course is for anyone who wants to learn the Agile Scrum framework.

The Scrum course will be especially useful for Scrum Masters, both the future and actual, managers including project managers, project coordinators and team leaders who want to quickly master the Scrum approach.

What skills are needed to become a Scrum Master?

Scrum Master – is the manager and coach of the team in one person. Therefore, if to answer shortly, first, you need to have good interpersonal and soft skills. Of course, there is a “subject matter” requirement, which boils down to a deep understanding of the Agile approach, but this can be gained by exploring this course and other related materials.

What is the average Scrum Master salary?

There is no exact answer to the Scrum Master’s salary, but I can say that people of this profession are paid good enough!

Most of the Scrum Masters are usually hired by the IT companies, and in this industry, salaries are always quite solid. If you’ll skim through the glassdoor.com>, the average pay scale for the Scrum Master ranged from $80k to $110k, which is quite good.

In what format does this Scrum training?

This Scrum training is a video recording. It’s a number of subject matter video lessons that can be downloaded or viewed on the platform. Additionally, there is a number of quizzes per chapter that will help you to challenge yourself against fundamental Scrum statements and make sure that you understood the material and all set with exploration.

What People say?

And many more…

Scrum in 60 minutes! Do not postpone the education. Choose the shortest way to become a Scrum Master.


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